Trough Granulators

HZ line


Dreher granularors for Thermoforming Icon THERMOFORMING

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Dreher Granulator horizontal feeding

SRV S80-100 HZ line

Dreher Granulator KX 41-100 HZ line
KX 41-100 HZ line


Dreher Granulator KX 120-100 HZ line

KX 120-100 HZ line

Dreher Granulator KX 60-100 HZ lineKX 60-100 HZ line

Outstanding advantages:

Absolute saftey for the operater and the machine.
Our electric controlled, hydraulic operated horizontal-intake-systems for HZ-Granulators are safe-guarding man and machine, this further results in more effective and efficient machine operation, with reducted man-power attendance requirment and also in reduced electrical power consumption.

Product Information:
  • Horizontal feeding
  • Load-dependent machine control
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Highest safety. Automated feed
  • Low deployment
  • Robust construction, high technology
Technical data:

75 kW - 110 kW
working width:
650 - 1.300 mm
throughput rate:
500 - 1.500 kg/h (10mm screen)

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