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Strong perfomance – for small parts

  • material:
    sprues, scraps, small parts, etc. etc.

Compact construction – for bulky parts

  • material:
    Sheet, pipes, profiles, strands, start-up lumps, etc.



Variable construction – for almost all requirements

  • material:
    skeletal waste, cups, deep-drawn parts, films, etc.

Cost-effective – for Inline-Operation

  • material:
    Edge trims, films, straps, TDO, BOPP, BOPET, etc



Modular marvel – for high throughput rate

  • material:
    KKB, IBC, fueltanks, drums, jerry cans, containers, bottles, flashes, etc.

Centrifugal force – for effective recycling

  • material:
    Start-up-flash, lumps up to 400 kg, extrusion start up, etc.